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What is Solar PV?

Solar PV (short for photovoltaic) systems capture and harness the power of the sun, converting it into electricity that can help power a home or business.

Solar photovoltaic panels were first used in space to power the electrical systems of satellites. It’s not surprising that solar panels came down to Earth - on a bright day the sun produces 1000 watts of energy per square foot!

How do Solar Panels work?

Solar photovoltaic panels are made up of many cells of semiconductors (silicon is the most common). These cells soak up and capture the heat and energy from the sun. The solar panels have their own electric field, which creates an energy (DC) current, which is then channelled into your home, converted to AC current, routed into your fuse box and used by your appliances as green electricity.

Solar panels are generally placed on a south facing roof or wall. They can also be placed on a garage or mounted on freestanding frames.

Contrary to popular belief, direct sunlight is not necessary to create solar power, although more sun equals more power and more electricity. Even on cloudy days and in cold weather, solar panels can produce free electricity to power a home or business.

What are the Benefits of Solar Electricity?

Solar energy is clean, efficient, and renewable. Plus, after the initial installation of the solar system, all power generated by the system is free.

Energy sources like gas and oil are very expensive and cause damage to our environment. They are also limited resources. As the Earth’s fossil fuel supplies decline, we need to find alternative sources for energy and electricity.

As long as the sun keeps shining, solar power will never run out.

Even more benefits of solar power:

  • Solar power creates zero pollution and is very quiet.
  • Solar electricity can also provide extra income. Any electricity produced that goes unused is transferred to your power companies who pay YOU a fee. Not only that, you will also be paid a fee for ALL the electricity you produce, whether or not you use it yourself. This is part of the Feed in Tariff (FIT) scheme. Note: you’ll want to make sure your property is as energy efficient as possible to get the most out of your solar power and FIT benefits.
  • Very little maintenance is required once solar panels are installed. They have no moving parts and only require the occasional clean to keep in good condition. They even benefit from being rained on!
  • The Climate Change Act of 2008 called for a legal obligation to reduce UK Greenhouse Gas emissions to 34% by 2020 and 80% by 2050. Solar energy is a major way forward in reaching these goals.

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