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Solar Panels Installers West Molesey

Molesey Solar panels to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Make Money

Everyone is strapped for cash these days, as well as worrying about what's happening to the environment. One way to make some money, while doing your bit for the environment, is to produce your own solar energy. Molesey homeowners are recognising that using some of the money in their savings accounts for a Molesey solar panel installation might make it work harder for them.  If you follow their example, you can expect up to a 12% return, making the investment a very lucrative one.

Earn money with Molesey Solar PV Panels

The earnings come from the government's incentive payments through its Feed-in Tariff programme. Under the Export Tariff, you'll be paid for all the electricity you don't use, which will be fed into the National Grid.  And under the Generation Tariff, you'll also be paid for the electricity you generate with your Molesey PV roof panels that is used in your household, and that will reduce the electricity bills you pay as well so you benefit twice over. The Feed in Tariffs are guaranteed for 25 years.  Find out how much you could earn over that period from our free online solar panel calculator.

Guarantees of Quality for Molesey Solar Panels Installation

Quest Solar is a member ofthe Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and the products we use have been stringently tested and approved so you can rest assured you’ll be getting the best quality photovoltaic systems. Molesey homeowners also get a top quality service from Quest Solar because we belong to the REAL Assurance Scheme and follow its Consumer Code in all our dealings with customers.
We employ our own solar panel installers Molesey wide and across the country so we can vet them for trustworthiness as well as expertise and experience. We provide you with a bespoke design to bring you the highest earnings and savings possible throughout Molesey. Solar installations from Quest Solar are subject to full guarantees and we offer an ongoing after-sales service to deal with any concerns that may arise.
Homeowner in Molesey? Solar panels for your home could be bringing you an income of around £1,100 a year, and lots more in savings too. Get in touch today to book your FREE SOLAR SURVEY and find out exactly how you could be benefiting financially.

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