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Solar Panels Installers Teddington

Go Green and Save Money with Teddington Solar Panels

If you are a homeowner in Teddington, solar roof panels for your home could bring you an extra income of around £1,400 a year. With everyone tightening their belts over extra heating costs, one way to save money, whilst doing your bit for the environment, is investing in solar energy. Teddington residents are both saving on their electricity bills whilst earning valuable extra cash with solar panel installations too. With a potential return of up to 12%, itís a more lucrative investment than a savings account and gives you money you can count on for years to come.

Teddington Solar PV Provides Extra Income

Our online solar panel calculator will give you a clear picture of what you could be earning. The Feed-in Tariff programme provided by the government gives homeowners incentive payments for green energy, and theyíre guaranteed for 25 years. Over this amount of time, your Teddington PV panels will generate enough electricity for you to save a large amount on your bills as well as earning up to £1,400 a year in extra income. You are paid for the energy you generate for your home appliances under the Generation Tariff, and also for the excess energy you donít use, which is then fed back into the National Grid, under the Export Tariff.

Choose the Best for Your Teddington Solar Systems

At Quest Solar, we only directly recruit our solar panel installers Kent. Teddington homeowners can enjoy a top quality service with fitters who are experienced, well-trained and monitored to provide only the best quality for our customers. Accredited by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), our products have been extensively tested and approved to only the highest standards. We are also part of the REAL Assurance Scheme, and are committed to providing only the best customer service every time. By choosing photovoltaic systems, Teddington residents can rest easy with Quest Solar.
Your Teddington solar panel installation will be tailor-made to precisely fit your needs, and we will give you full support from beginning to end. A comprehensive after-care service is also available in the unlikely event of problems arising after installation.

Start Earning And Saving Today with Teddington Solar Panels

By checking our online solar panel calculator, you can instantly see your prospective income for your solar PV panels. Teddington homeowners can enjoy an income of around £1,400 a year plus savings on all their home energy bills. Book your no-obligation FREE SOLAR SURVEY by calling us today.

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