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Mr and Mrs Burman: Richmond upon Thames

Judith and Richard Burman are concerned about climate change and have a strong interest in the environmental benefits of Co2 reduction. Quest Electrical installed solar panels to the roof of their Victorian home in Richmond upon Thames to help the Burmans make the change towards renewable energy. The project was a complicated one given the location of their home in a conservation area, and that the house is listed as a building of townscape merit.

Judith explained why she chose Quest Electrical to install the solar panels: “From the first meeting with owner Ray Hawkey I was impressed by the awareness he showed of all the complexities involved with a project of this nature in a conservation area.  He was up to date with regulations and provided good, solid advice right from the start. He also showed a commitment to renewable energy which matched our own views.”

“Simply Beautiful”
An Application for a Lawful Development Certificate was required to install the panels from Richmond Borough Council and the panels themselves had to fit in with the black slate tiles on the roof of the house. “The German black framed Monochristaline panels that Ray provided are simply beautiful,” Judith noted, “I was worried that they would stand out too much but they don’t, they are a perfect match to the roof.”
Work on the project had to be completed before April 1st, as after this date homes require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) with a rating of D or better. Judith was aware of the time restrictions and found Quest Electrical to be “timely and efficient throughout the whole project, from planning to completion.”

Aside from the environmental benefits, the Burmans were interested in reducing their energy bills. As well as gaining from the Feed In Tariff, the couple have also benefited by using appliances such as the washing machine and water heater during the day when the system is generating power. 
“We’re currently generating about half of the energy that we use which really is a dream come true. We’re infinitely grateful to Ray and the team for making this a reality.”

System: 1.72Kwp which has an SMA SB2000 Inverter and Schuco MPE 245 MS96 panels
Annual energy produced: 1436.00Kwh
Co2 avoided per year: 1255.00Kg


05 May 2012

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