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Mr Forsyth: Teddington

Calum Forsyth was keen to get his solar panels installed before the deadline of the 3rd April to make sure he and his family could take advantage of the higher Feed in Tariff.   
Calum’s house is mid-terrace with dormer style windows to the front and rear of the property.  The house is narrow and the roof structure and layout unusual, which made designing and installing the panels a challenge. 

Solution Finding
Calum found it difficult at first to even find an installer to come and look at his property. “We approached seven separate firms to get quotes for installing solar panels; one looked on Google Earth, deemed our house unsuitable and didn’t even visit the property while another wanted a full deposit upfront just to come out and view the house! We chose Quest Electrical as we were really impressed with Ray’s attitude to finding solutions to our tricky project.  The price was competitive too.”

“Great Communication”
Quest Electrical spent additional time at the design stage of the project to source the best panels to help use the unusual roof space efficiently. The panels are not laid out in the traditional design of a solar panel installation and instead utilise three elevations of roof area: east, west, and south facing with 1.14Kwp on each and three separate inverters, one for each roof elevation/system. 
Calum noted this as one of the reasons he was happy with the work completed by Quest Electrical. “It was a complex job with the installation of three separate inverters but Ray was happy to find solutions and kept us informed with great communication throughout the whole tricky process.”
“We’re pleased with every part of the job that Quest completed.  They were considerate and caused minimal disruption to our home, all work was tidy, the routing wires were thoughtfully placed so as to have minimal impact on our décor, work was completed quickly and efficiently with no corner cutting or sacrifice on quality.  All in all, the job was top-notch and even in these early days we’re already seeing the difference that the solar panels are making.”

System: 1.14Kwp x 3 ­= 3.42Kwp total. SMA SB1200 Inverters x 3 and Schuco MPE 190 MS06 panels with black monochristaline cells
Annual energy produced: 2484.2Kwh
Co2 avoided per year: 2186.00Kg


05 May 2012

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