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Solar PV: Do you Qualify?

There are a few things to consider when thinking about installing solar panels. At Quest Solar, we’re here to help guide you through the entire process, and we’ll start right here by explaining what you’ll need to qualify for solar, and the Feed in Tariffs.

Here are some quick questions to get started:

  1. Do you own the property? If the property isn’t yours, you won’t benefit from the income. The property owner is the only party who can give permission for a solar system to be installed.
  2. Is your roof suitable? Ideally, you need a south-facing roof with little to no shade. Roofs facing in other directions will still generate power, but may not produce enough to justify the initial financial expenditure. A sloping roof is ideal, however it is often possible to install solar PV panels on a flat roof.
  3. Do you need planning permission? Planning permission from your local council may be required if installing solar panels on a flat roof or a non-residential property. Listed buildings or World Heritage Sites will also require permission before installation.
  4. What is the Energy Rating of Your Property? The energy rating can greatly affect the level of income you are able to achieve through the Feed in Tariff scheme. If you are considering installing solar power for the purpose of additional income generation as well as environmental reasons, you need to ensure your home is energy efficient.

Qualifying for the Full Feed in Tariffs

As of April 2012, to access to the full Feed in Tariff, your property must meet the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) band D. This means it must meet certain energy efficiency requirements in respect of overall energy use and carbon emissions.

The energy efficiency rating can depend on double-glazing, insulation and even the foundations of your property. Before beginning the process of installing a solar energy system, be sure to have your property assessed to find out if you are in the EPC band D category.

If your property does not have an EPC band D, you may still participate in the Feed in Tariff program but the income generated will be significantly lower.

The good news is there are ways to increase your property’s energy efficiency. While this may not have immediate financial benefit, if you are committed to doing your bit for the environment and using solar energy, upgrading your property may be worthwhile.

If you’re not sure whether your property qualifies for solar panels or the Feed in Tariffs, get in touch with Quest.
We’ll give you all the advice you need – and you might be surprised – sometimes we’ve been able to help customers who were told by other solar companies that an installation wouldn’t be possible. If it is possible, you can rest assured that Quest will find a way!

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